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CHCAGE005 Provide Support to People Living With Dementia Assessment Answer

Through this blog we aim to impart information regarding the subject CHCAGE005 Provide Support to People Living With Dementia Assessment. We will hereby give you as much instructions as required to help to able to give proper CHCAGE005 Provide Support to People Living With Dementia Assessment Answer.

Initially the subject is offered by ATI that is Apex training institute which is one of the registered training organisation in Mount Gravatt in Australia that provides dynamic vocational training in this subject in Australia. Being one of the branches of nursing CHCAGE005 Provide Support to People Living with Dementia makes us acknowledged about the increasing rate of old age category and the need to understand their psychology. It reflects the importance of workers in the community who follows and customise a plan to provide special support to people who are feeling unimportant or neglected due to their increasing age.

CHCAGE005 Provide Support to People Living With Dementia Assessment Sample

The unit is a combination of 6 assessment tasks that need to completed effectively and hence passed successfully.


We will hence help you completely by providing detailed information on each task and CHCAGE005 Provide Support to People Living With Dementia Assessment Sample. Throwing light on what these 6 assignment tasks are:

CHCAGE005 assessment Sample 1 (Written questions)

This unit consists of 12 questions whose answers need to be well formatted and written correctly. This type of unit is designed to get the vocational knowledge required for the thorough understanding of the unit.

CHCAGE005 assessment Sample 2 (Case studies)

Two case studies will be given for this type of unit and hence the students have to answer each question related to these two cases studies carefully after analysing the situation.

CHCAGE005 assessment Sample 3 (Role-play’s)

In this task the student has to undergo a total number of 2 role plays. With the help of these role-plays the students could analyse and learn to behave in different situations intelligently.

CHCAGE005 assessment Sample 4 (Behavior management Plan)

Here the student is trained on making Behavior management plan for the client and then review it accordingly for the client from role play 2 in Assessment Task 3.

CHCAGE005 assessment Sample 5 (project on dementia diseases)

The student here is made to do a researched work on the types of dementia diseases you find in old age people. Hence are made to do a research project on varied types of dementia diseases.

CHCAGE005 assessment Sample 6 (Working with clients with dementia)

This task includes some real-life experience with dementia clients where you will be made to monitor at least two dementia clients and then submit the entire experience you had with the them. The time span to observe this experience is three days. Hence after three days you are required to submit an entire journal for each client. The journal normally includes information such as client’s condition, symptoms, family opinion, practices to which client responded well, and other observations.

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