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Certificate 3 in Childcare Assignment Answers

Certificate 3 in childcare or childcare TAFE assignment is one of nursing type of assignment help. As we all are aware that talking care of a child is the most vital element of nursing. Hence a specialised course to profoundly study the techniques and behavior of childcare this course is designed. And as good news the last few years has been golden for this course as students have been relying on this type of nursing the most. So hence we arranged a blog for this topic too because of it increasing demand and Certificate 3 in Childcare Assignment Answers word search. 

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Mostly every student of this type of childcare nursing must be searching Certificate 3 in Childcare Assignment Sample. And no wonder they will be shown a number of samples. But please note that not every sample is reliable and hence going through these samples you may get more bewildered than before. So, hence we present a very crystal clear explanation of the subject through our blog and provide the most accurate Certificate 3 in Childcare Assignment Sample. 

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Types of Certificate III Childcare Assignments 

Professors give this kind of assignment of the students to make them thorough in their studies and making them learn to behave in different situations at different times. But specifically Certificate III Childcare Assignments have various assignment types involved in it like  essay writing, report writing, case study, thesis, dissertation, research papers, et cetera. The most common type of which is in a question and answer format where the answers need to be most accurate with no toleration of any kind of vagueness in it.

Question Answer type in Certificate 3 in Childcare Assignment sample

With question answer type format being one of the most complex format of certificate 3 childcare course. We are hence going to display one of the examples in it:

According to the reading what are ten considerations you should consider when interacting with children verbally and non-verbally?
1. Demonstrate respectful communication while interacting with children or adults.
2. Consider the developmental stage of the child and communicate in accordance.
3. Opinion and feelings of children should be respected, irrespective of their age.
4. Use open ended questions for the child to express better and elaborately.
5. Keep eye contact with young children or babies if considered culturally appropriate.
6. Provide specific and simple instructions to the child if asking them to do some task.
7. Compliment the children for good behavior and acknowledge their achievements
8. Help in creating an interactive environment.
9. Actively listen to what the child communicates.
10. Interact with children using the concept of patience (Commonwealth of Australia, 2010).

According to the reading, what are six things you should avoid when interacting with children verbally and non-verbally?
1. Do not be judgmental with children or criticise or blame them.
2. Do not demonstrate an impatient expression of body language.
3. Do not diminish praising children by sarcasm or foul comments.
4. Do not order or threaten children.
5. Do not use sarcasm, anger or call names to children.

With this being all about the questions that were involved in the certificate 3 childcare assignment samples. Let us now further take a look at the certificate 3 childcare assignment answers:

  • What did the educator do to initiate the interaction and respond positively to Ollie?

Educator first sat next to Ollie and with surprise held Ollie above her head, by keeping eye contact and initiating the conversation after confirmation of a smile, from Ollie (Kearns, 2017).

  • What did the educator do to engage Ollie in conversation?

Educator paused at intervals to ensure that Ollie is responding to the stimuli and consciously aware of an ongoing conversation. That gave the educator an idea of Ollie’s orientation and emotional responsiveness (Kearns, 2017).

  • How does the educator help Ollie to feel secure?

Educator kept interacting with Ollie while changing positions, comfortably placed Ollie on the lap and engaged Ollie with a toy caterpillar (Kearns, 2017).

As you can see is just a small insight on how the answers in the assignment are written. So for any further details or information you want to access from us is just a small ping away on our given number or email us. And we will be there for you instantly.

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