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Business Research Methods Assignment Sample

Business Research methods are one of the most common topics of discussion among the business students. As it stands to be one of the most important topic to be understood for business growth and decisions. So, therefore professors tend to give quite a large number of business research method assignments to the students. But on the other hand understanding these methodologies is quite a task. One tends to learn about it somehow but writing assignments for the same is quite intricate. To which we comes as a saviour to plunge down the stress of these arduous assignments by providing business research method assignments solutions. company is known for providing the most accurate and unique assignment to their students. And referring here providing business research assignment help to you we undergo a series of intense research about the methods and only then give them to the students.

Before digging deep into the details let me first introduce you to the term Business research methods Assignment. The assignment refers to the detailing of business research methods which includes research on methods of how an industry is working, business setup details of a particular trade, studying deep facts and figures about a particular industry and then changing or improving business strategies accordingly. Going into a nutshell business research methods are all about techniques of accumulating information about an industry before carrying out a particular business decision in it. This data is collected in the forms of surveys, interviews, public researches and many more. We through our study and exploration in this field have come up with some common types of business research methods assignment answers features some of the research methods which are:

  • Survey method
  • Experimental method
  • Observational Method
  • Correlation and Regression
  • Time series analysis
  • Factor analysis

We exhibit a highly trained and experienced business research methods assignment help experts who through in their shear hard work find the best business research methods assignment answers and provide them to you. We duly keep the subject rubrics in mind and certainly add all the marks fetching points and topics in the assignments. Our specialists are capable enough to solve all your questions in business research assignment and always help our students with their quality coursework and offer quality formats and customised based on the best typical context style:

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Checkout Below Given Business Research Method Assignment Sample Written by Our Experts

HCS204 Business Research Methods Assignment Sample

A customer’s perception of a product can be altered by showing consumers a specific celebrity endorsing a product or even using the product in their own lives. This research aims to examine the impact of celebrity influence on consumer retention in the FMCG market. TheFMCG chosen is personal care products due to the large number of celebrities used to endorse and advertise these products. From this two hypotheses were made 1) the relationship between celebrity lifestyle influences and consumer retention and 2) the relationship between endorser credibility and consumer retention. The purpose of the study is to find out whether the hypotheses are true and do create an impact on consumer retention in personal care products.

In order to substantiate the hypotheses a questionnaire was designed and distributed among a small sample of thirty people. The information was then gathered and entered into the PSPPIRE Output Viewer software to analyse the reliability of the data. The ANOVA method was then used to test the hypotheses and verify the significance of the data found.

It was found that celebrity lifestyle influences and endorser credibility did play a role in consumer retention. Consumers were more likely to use a product that was recommended or used by a celebrity than if it weren’t. The ANOVA analysis found a high correlation between both celebrity influences and endorser credibility in relation to consumer retention.

Thus, it was found that consumer retention is impacted by celebrity influences in the FMCG market.

An Analysis of the Celebrity Influences Towards Consumer Retention in the FMCG Industry

  1. Introduction of the study

Celebrities make up a large part of a products brand image. The ‘face’ of the product is something customers recognise, aspire or relate to, thus making the celebrity a powerful tool in customer perception of a company’s merchandise. The FMCG industry in particular has made good use of this from baby products to cosmetics celebrities provide a face for each product in production. A customer’s perception of a product can be altered by showing consumers a specific celebrity endorsing a product or even using the product in their own lives.

The FMCG industry has become highly competitive, similar brands competing for the market leader position makes brand image an important aspect of the business. Marketers are, accordingly, given larger budgets to work with bigger celebrities that relate to their products.In the past, a celebrity endorsement guarantees an increase in sale of merchandise but recently with the increase in social media and networking negative comments about the celebrity, product or organisation can have an impact on the brand and customers retention.Hence, marketers need to find a reliable celebrity that provides not only the brand with a good image but also a good relationship with the product; linking consumers to the FMCG products as more of a need than a want. Moreover, the high volatility in trends and consumer opinions which makes a company’s decision to specify a celebrity to be the face of their product a much more tedious task. What may have been popular a week ago may not be popular in a months’ time.

Hence the aim of this paper is to identify of the factors that affect customer retention in relation to celebrities and the impact celebrities’ play on brand image of Sri Lankan FMCG products.

1.2. Problem statements

What celebrity factors affect consumer retention in FMCG Industry and the power of celebrity reviews, recommendation and usage in attracting repeat consumers?

1.3. Problem Justification

The research done on celebrities and their influences on consumers is limited. It does however play a vital role in organisations and so, is crucial to identify what celebrity factors affect the customer retention and how products endorsed are affected by a celebrity.1 Analysing these factors would help better understand the role celebrities play on customer preferences and consequently improve retention of customers. Companies would benefit by understanding the effects celebrities have on their products to improve customer retention and brand image. Customer retention will not only provide an increased profitability, it would also increase market share by customer satisfaction and good reviews, creating and promoting the organisation.

1.4. Objectives

1.) To ascertain the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement in the FMCG industry.
2.) To identify how celebrities credibility can be useful in improving customer retention.
3.) To find the relationship between celebrities and customer preferences of the FMCG industry.

1.5. Scope of the study

The scope of the study will be focused on personal care FMCG merchandise, sold in retail stores. Hence, information gathered will be collected from a sample of general retail outlets from customers.

Our experts have an intense knowledge of all the methods used for researching in business. Here they have asked to collect data from the banks to create a report on the relationship of job characteristics with its satisfaction. Our experts here with well popular methods of sampling would hence study the banks given which has some common characteristics and prepare sample sized. Further they will aggregate these sample size into absolute and relative size and find the results.

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