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BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assignment Sample

So, to start with BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan is a subject where the students are made to learn various skills and knowledge which is required the smooth functioning of operational plan. The correct controlling and developing of operational plan leads to effective and efficient work practices that commonly leads to the production and profitability plans of an organisation. Students are taught in detail the procedures and systems involved in making an operational plan organisation. Further we will impart you every details that is required to effectively solve BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assignment.

Wondering how BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan really is? Get a look !

Through the above given data the student have to prepare a professional report where it should include  table of content, cover page, introduction, body, conclusion, references. In addition to it the student also need to mention the operational plan. Where the plan should include the following information:

  • Define an operational plan.
  • What other people may the operational plan involve?
  • Define a consultation process. How could it be carried out?
  • Give an example of key performance indicators that are used in your workplace.
  • What is the purpose of a contingency plan?
  • What sort of risks are likely to happen at your organisation?
  • What may be the impact of these risks occurring?
  • What specialist advice may you have to seek?
  • Give an example of a SMART goal to implement a plan in your organisation.
  • What are the advantages of outsourcing recruitment?
  • What policies may you have to follow during recruitment?
  • What policies may affect induction?
  • What are the requirements of good supplier relationships?
  • How are purchase orders used to acquire resources?
  • Give three different examples of intellectual property and explain how would enforce your rights for each one.
  • What is a performance management system?
  • Give examples of performance standards that your organisation uses.
  • What information in the budget may you have to monitor or review?
  • Give examples of under-performance that exist in your organisation.
  • What is continuous improvement?
  • What is the difference between a mentor and a coach?
  • Define an effective mentoring or coaching relationship.
  • Explain what principled negotiation means.

Steps to solve BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan assignment

A detailed step wise step study on how to develop a professional report for an operational plan playing the role of Financial Controller. 

Step 1: Always take the initial step with the introduction of operational plan let’s say of a hotel, also overview details that you are going to further mention in your assignment.

Step 2: Perform SWOT analysis of the Hotel with detail search on Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Step 3: Further make a list of all the resource options and requirements that are required in that hotel and then explain them accordingly. The lost should include :

  • Physical/ technology requirements
  • Human resource
  • Financial requirements 

Step 4: Build a contingency plan for the hotel. A contingency plan is a type of plan generally used to manage unpredicted or exceptional risks which can have unfortunate consequences. Throwing some light on contingency plan. It should include:

  • A plan
  • Alternative option

Step 5: As per our management assignment experts say that consulting directly with the different departments will help more to make a systematic operational plan. Hence keeping in mind the important sectors, you must involve the following departments:

  • Human resource
  • Marketing
  • Finance/ Accounts

Step 6: Define Standard Operating Procedures that would be followed by staff members

Step 7: the very next step after this is prescribing specific job roles for foodservice attendants and requirements.

Step 8: this step includes all the strategies that have to be implemented along with their time setup. The most commonly used chart is GANTT chart finish every task of the assignment within their time frames.

Step 9: This being the last step required wrapping up of all the above steps and conclude findings and other essential information and details. 

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